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Why I created personal finance app

I created a new personal finance app. I know, I know … why another personal finance app? Quicken has been around since the 80s. Mint came out in 2006. YNAB in 2004. The list goes on. So why create a new one in 2022? Well, a few reasons …

Sync-ready, local-first, and privacy conscious

I’ve been using a personal finance app since the late ’90s. In fact, I recently found some floppy disks that contained my Quicken backups from the early 2000’s (?). I (obviously?) can’t open those files now, but I was laughing at myself starting the backup process, putting in floppy after floppy to get everything backed up on to a “safe medium,” hearing the little click when I inserted a new disk and the whirr when Quicken was writing to it. I moved away from Quicken sometime in the 2000’s. My password manager says that I created my account in 2008, so it may have been around that time. I’m not sure how long I used Mint, but I do know that it’s one of the few regrets I have in my life. And I’m not a regretful person. I continue to live near Philadelphia despite having the means to live somewhere else. No regrets.

Anyway, I eventually turned to YNAB and was quite happy for a while. I could store my data in Dropbox, budgeting was kind of fun, they had an app for my iPhone, etc. Life was good. Then YNAB decided they didn’t want to sell me a piece of software that I “owned” anymore; I needed to buy a subscription. And I needed to store my data with them as part of that subscription. I felt like I did after I lost the election for eight grade student body president. This felt wrong for so many reasons. Why do I need to pay them for upgrades that I may not want? Shouldn’t that be my decision? Point in case: one of the first “features” of the new software is to store all my data on their servers, which I didn’t want!

So I wanted something that was local first, privacy conscious, but was built with syncing in mind. I wanted to store my data on my machine, but be able to sync it to my other machines without having to store it on someone else’s server. Storing my data on a centralized server may be convenient, but it should not be a requirement. That’s why Add Rabbit stores everything in a local file. It will work if you are online or offline, no questions asked. And it knows you will eventually want to sync it with other devices, so it is built with syncing in mind. And all the syncing happens between your approved devices. The only thing you use our server for is to connect your devices. Learn more about Add Rabbit syncing by reading the security article in our docs.

Better functionality

If the only thing I wanted was a local-first tool, there are a few options out there. But I also wanted features tailor-made for a local-first workflow:

There are other minor things (like shortcut keys, etc.), but nothing major. And you can see that most of the improvements are more of a mindset change than anything else. Add Rabbit is built to make the do-it-yourself type’s life easier.

Personal Goals

This is probably less relevant to you, but I’ve always wanted to start a business. I was recently a CEO of a private-equity backed financial services company that was sold in 2021. I liked my job, but I feel like a lot of “Corporate America” is too focused on “the bottom-line.” I want to build a company with a culture like Zappos’s. If you are not happy, that’s our fault — not yours! That’s why:

  1. The desktop app is free. We want everyone to be able to manage their money. Especially if you can’t afford to buy a tool right now — you probably need it more than most!
  2. Syncing with other devices is affordable. You should only pay for something if you feel like you are getting a great value. Purchasing a subscription supports the development of the desktop app, the syncing technology, and the mobile apps (iPhone is almost ready for launch and Android will be next).

I believe that if you build a great product and manage costs appropriately, you won’t need to worry about “how do we extract more money from the customer.” The money will take care of itself.


Here are a few items that are on the roadmap:

The iOS app should be available in January, 2022.


If any of this sounds interesting to you, please download Add Rabbit and try it out! If you want to be notified of news or new releases, sign up for our newsletter below or follow us on Twitter.

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