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A personal finance app that takes privacy as seriously as you do.

If you want to track your money, are the do-it-yourself type, and you prefer to use "alternative search engines" for privacy reasons, Add Rabbit just might be for you.

Why Add Rabbit?

Easily Manage Your Money

You have total control

Add Rabbit has a highly optimized workflow for anyone who wants total control over their money and doesn't mind putting in a little bit of work to keep that control.

Privacy is first-class

We never see your financial data. The only thing we see is your "public key." We use that to connect you with your other devices over a peer-to-peer, fully encrypted connection.

Your data is yours to keep

We store your financial records in a set of "books" using a format that is recommended by the library of congress. This way, you know you're always in complete control.

Local first software

We built our software so that it works no matter where you are in the world … at home, on a plane, wherever. Once you're back online, we sync everything up across all your other devices that are online.

Reconciliations made easy

Reconciling your account is the only way you can be certain you and your bank are in sync. Our reconcilation process is tailor made for the do-it-yourselfer because we know your time is precious.

Free desktop version

We think everyone should be able to track their finances easily. That's why we're making the desktop version of our software free. You only pay if you want to sync to other devices using our technology.


We have the simple reports you need to keep an eye on income and spending trends. We'll also continue to build out more reports so you can continue to be a financial kingpin.

Streamlined matching

You may not remember (or want) to enter all your transactions by hand. So we've made importing and matching transactions from your bank a breeze. 10 minutes a month is all your need to stay up to date.

Mobile app

If you use an iPhone, we have a mobile app so that you can always have complete visibility of your finances. We will eventually build an Android app as well.

Simple and affordable pricing

If you're not satisfied, email us and we'll give you a full refund for your latest charge.

Desktop app is free. Only pay for the mobile app and syncing.

The desktop app is free so that you — no matter how much money you make — can use Add Rabbit to manage your money. You only pay for the mobile app(s) and syncing.

What's included

  • iOS app (Android coming later)

  • Track up to 3 sets of books

  • Sync an unlimited number of devices

  • Support development of every app

Full access for one simple price

$39/yr USD