Trying to make great personal finance software

I graduated college with a degree in accounting and started my career at one of the "Big 4" as an auditor. So you can probably guess that I've always been a personal finance nut. I used Quicken when I got out of college, YNAB a few years ago, Excel, etc. And I've liked many of these programs! But I obviously never stuck with any of them. I always found something to "not like." One program I really liked was YNAB. I liked how they made budgeting feel easy. I liked that they had a desktop app as well as a pretty nice mobile app. I loved the idea of storing everything in dropbox since I didn't need to share anything with YNAB, and I was pretty confident that my data was my data (even if I didn't really understand the data format). But when they changed from a "buy once" and pay for upgrades to a "buy per year" and "store everything online," I wasn't quite as happy. Then recently, their old iOS app stopped working when I upgraded my operating system. So I decided I was ready to explore my options (again).

When I looked at the market, though, most options felt pretty similar. There were definitely a few that I was interested in, but none seemed to offer "local first" options. Also, I wanted something that I thought would continue to work even if the company went out of business. It's hard to know if a business will be around for a long time and even harder to know that they'll continue to support their software. Only a few that I could find used SQLite as their storage engine. So I decided to build something myself. Something that:

Add Rabbit is what I came up with. I have lots of ideas on how to improve the software, but the goal is to take the time to do it right.